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Buy Premium Liquorice Delights in New Zealand

You get a unique experience when you combine all the little things, and it's worth sharing. Liquorice Delights treats are filled with YUMMY, CRUNCHY, GOOEY, and CHEWY BITS for a smile.

Liquorice Delights collects mouth-watering flavors from all over the world. With all the good flavors we find, we make confectionery magic.

Now It's Time To Discover Old Favorites And New Loves Right Here!

Crafted in New Zealand, we are selling the finest chocolates, freshest liquorice, and the most delectable confectionery for New Zealanders for years. Soft-eating liquorice, invented under 1/101 Gillies Avenue Epsom Auckland 1023 iconic arches, is our most delicious and famous product!

The Top-Notch Quality Delights You Deserve

Bring flavors and memories together to create magic!

For almost a century, Liquorice Delights has been inventing and re-inventing unique flavors, giving an extra wholesome experience to customers. There's no stopping us; EVERY LITTLE THING ABOUT A LIQUORICE DELIGHTS TREAT is made for that moment of 'Mmmm.'   

A gift box containing the most beautiful creations of the House. From delicious gourmet caramel popcorn to liquorice, nougat to fudge, toffee to more, succumb to the greediness of happiness.

Let yourself be carried away by the different flavors of the liquorice gift boxes!

A truly delicious collection, sure to give your recipient a smidgen of taste of luxury whatever the occasion! We think your special ones will love this selection of indulgent treats, which includes a bag of chocolate fudge, nougat treats, luscious liquorice, and gourmet popcorn.

Why Choose Us for Box of Delights NZ?


To keep your customers happy, we strive for excellence and the highest level of service.

Outstanding Reputation:

We've proven our quality of service and product satisfaction by talking to our existing clients.

Top Quality:

Our ingredients are the best and freshest on the market. We want people to know the quality of our work when they take a bite.


Our taste sensations are innovative. For example, you haven't tasted real liquorice delights until you have tasted one from us.

 So shop your heart at Liquorice Delights— the #1 delights in New Zealand!

Liquorice Delights delivers through out Auckland and Waikato region..